What are the stories that are holding you back?

your storyEverybody's got a story.  Lots of stories.  Our stories come from our past experiences.  They sometimes come from our ancestors and their experiences too. Your story is powerful because it shapes your life now and long into the future.

When I work with clients, often they have stories that they are holding deep inside.  Stories they have never told anyone.  Stories that are holding them back from living the life they've been yearning for.  Often, they don't realize how powerful those stories of their past are in the present moment.

When you acknowledge your story, share it with someone you can trust to listen without judgement (and keep your secrets safe), and lovingly release the hold those stories have over you, magic begins to happen. That kind of magic is what we're talking about in this week's video.



What's Your Story That Holds You Back?

As promised, if you've got a story that you're wishing you could tell, but don't know who to share it with, you can connect with me privately. I'm a great secret keeper!

Want to share your story? Join the conversation, share your story. And don't forget to let us know how you're going to celebrate YOU this week.

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