Letting Go of Worry

worryWorry is a waste of a good imagination.  And it's something we're all guilty of.  Whether it's worrying about little things like running late or big things like money, every single one of us is guilty of worrying about something.

Worry is defined as "giving way to anxiety and uncertainty over actual or potential problems."  How that shows up in your life is spending time in the present moment with negative thoughts and feelings about something that may or may not happen in the future.  It's giving up your most precious resources - your time and energy - for something that may never come to pass.

It's distracting from the present moment.  It can weigh you down, causing physical pain.  It can cause you to be short with others, or even downright bitchy.  Worry never leaves you feeling like a better person.

And you know all of that, but how on earth do you stop worrying?  That's a question I'm asked a lot.  The secret is to interrupt the pattern of worry that goes on in your brain and learn to replace it with a healthier pattern.  I'm sharing my secrets for how to let go of worry in this week's video:


What worry are you ready to let go of?  Share it with us in a comment below, as well as the life-affirming thought you're going to replace it with.

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