If you’re like most women, you spent your 20s (and maybe your 30s) doing all the things you *should* in life.

You graduated from school and got a good job.  That accomplished, you fell in love, settled down and had a couple of kids. Maybe you didn't do it all in quite that order.  But now, you’re living the life that was expected of you. The life you *should*.

But as the years have crept by, there’s been a growing discontent with that life that was expected of you.  Nothing so obviously wrong that you’ve done something to change it, but nothing feels really right either.

You have a growing need for things to change but have never known where to start or even what that change might look like.

And then, *it* happened.

That *it* is uniquely different for every woman.  What's the same is that something major happened in your life that makes the life you are living feel unbearable.

It could have been job loss, serious illness (for yourself or someone you love), family crisis, or divorce.

Whatever your *it* is, all you know is that there must be more to life than this. And your *it* has finally pushed you so far out of your comfort zone that you're ready to make a change...whatever that change might be.

You're ready to create a life you truly love. To live your life on purpose. This is YOUR time.

But you haven’t got a clue how to get started.

That's Where I Can Help

I love working with women who are:

  • open to possibility, ready to explore new ways of thinking and acting to help create a life you love
  • ready for more fun, laughter and joy in life
  • committed to making changes that will support you in living your life on purpose

I've found that women generally know what they need and it's usually 1 of 2 things:

Coaching For Life

I support women around the world to live their best lives…now.  Sounds cliché, right? 

Living your best life is about living YOUR best life. Not the life of what you *should* do, but the life that will answer that feeling of "there is more to life than this!" A life that is full of rich experience.  Feeling passionate about what you're investing your time and energy into. Living your life on purpose.

My expertise is in coaching you through the process of HOW to create a vision of what that life on purpose looks like. Together we create a simple, practical and effective plan for bringing that vision into reality. You get the support you need to turn that plan into action. I’ve worked with women around the world and am excited for you to work with me to first identify and then take action on choices that will help you live your life on purpose. Ready?

Coaching For Business

Oftentimes, women living life on purpose find themselves starting a business or committing more deeply to working a business that is driven by their passion and purpose. I love working with start-ups, solo-entrepreneurs and small businesses who are powered by a passion to do good in the world while earning a sustainable income and benefiting your local, national and global communities.

My expertise is in coaching you through the process of HOW to turn that passionate idea into a concrete plan for developing and leading your small business and in helping your established business to use holistic planning processes to close the gap between potential and results - helping you to succeed. I’ve done it with dozens of people throughout North America, Europe and Australia and I can do it for you so long as you are ready to bring your idea into reality and do the work to make it happen. Let’s do this!

Coaching is offered in-person in Kitchener, ON, Canada or by Skype or Google Hangout worldwide. If you would like to work with me, I take on a maximum of 3 clients per month, so if you're thinking about working together, be sure to learn more and connect with me today.