You don’t have to be so busy! Easy steps for simplifying your life.

busyBeing busy is something we tend to wear as a badge of honor these days, as though busy is somehow equal to happy, content, or successful.  The truth is that it's usually the exact opposite.

Busy people fill their lives with activity unconsciously.  They say yes to too many things.  They rarely have time to just hang out and have fun, and almost never have time for themselves.

People who lead rich and full lives choose to engage in activities that have heart and meaning for them. They allow ample time in their daily schedule for self-care and in their weekly schedule for fun, friends and family. Their waking hours can still be filled, but each activity is chosen with intention as part of a life they love.

In this week's video, we're talking about how to begin stepping out of 'busy' and into intentional activity. Watch it now.


What's your number 1 time waster? What are you going to choose to do that has heart and meaning instead?

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