Spirit of Intent

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spirit of intentI watch people.  All the time. And each and every one of you are fascinating.

One of the things that fascinates me is how each person understands your own spirit of intent and the spirit of intent of the people around you.

What is spirit of intent?  Why does it matter? And most importantly, what can you do around spirit of intent to avoid unnecessary stress and conflict and strengthen the relationships with everyone around you?

Watch this week's video to find out.


Have you ever been consciously aware of Spirit of Intent before? How could being aware of it benefit your life? Join the conversation and leave a reply below!

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  1. sue
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    Love this!…Emails and texts can easily be misinterpreted…for sure! I like your input about “Asking” Thank you, very helpful even in sales, training and all relationships. Good point! 😀

  2. Spirit of Intent
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    […] this week’s video, I’m talking about Spirit of Intent.  What it is, and what you can do starting today to help reduce the stress and conflict in your […]

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