Sign, sign, everywhere a sign

signSometimes I wish that everyone I encounter each day had a sign around their neck or a little cartoon bubble that hung out over their heads letting me know what was up for them in that moment.  We each bear our own burdens, are experiencing our own dramas and traumas.  In any given moment you can be totally fine and loving your world, absolutely devastated by what you're living through, or somewhere on the wide spectrum in between.

This idea of being aware of what is going on for ourselves and the people we meet each day is what I'm talking about in this week's video.  It's by far one of the most personal and most vulnerable videos I've ever done. Watch it now.


What's your sign?  What do you wish people knew about you right now? Share it with us by leaving a comment below. You never know if you might find a kindred spirit or support you didn't know you had.

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Rachel is a coach supporting women to rediscover who they are beyond the *shoulds* of life. To create and live life on purpose.

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  1. Ann Boman
    | Reply

    Here is a big hug flying from Sweden to you Rachel! 🙂

    • Vivianne Bisson
      | Reply

      Hey! That was my sighn!! “I am fragile” :***(

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