The Shift: Rediscovering My Personal WHY

shiftI’m back from a retreat with my business coaches and all of the amazing people involved with Big Vision Business.  And while I was away, I had a big realization about how I have been serving you.  I realize that I’ve had it all backwards.

I know that my work in the world, the way that I express the fullness of who I am, is about helping you to be the very best version of you.  For a long time I’ve been approaching it by helping you to have a healthy and vibrant body through food and lifestyle choices.  And, that is a great approach and the people I’ve worked with have had amazing results – achieving their goals and so much more.

But now I'm going to be doing things a little differently.  You can find out more in this week's video. Watch it here now.


As I'm moving closer to understanding my personal WHY, I'd love to hear more about your WHY too.  What is it that drives you?  Inspires you? Excites you? Share in the comments below.

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Rachel is a coach supporting women to rediscover who they are beyond the *shoulds* of life. To create and live life on purpose.

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    […] to find out more about this shift?  Watch this week’s video, and I’ll be sharing all about […]

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