The S Word.  No, not that one.  I’m talking about the word should.  It’s one of my biggest pet peeves.  Should is a word we use to postpone joy, to hide away. Should keeps us small, trading in what we think others expect from us for what we truly want.

Just for today, I’m inviting you to stop shoulding on yourself.  Banish the S word from your vocabulary. To start the process, all you need to do is simply notice when you’re using the word should. How often are you shoulding all over yourself? As you begin to notice, you might be inspired to make some changes.

If you recognize that you’re shoulding all over yourself and you’re really ready to do something about it, join me for a free call.  It’s called Stop Shoulding Yourself: How to Let Go of the Shoulds and Begin Living a Life You Want. Learn more and register here.

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