Just Say No.  It was a powerful slogan when I was a kid, attempting to convince us not to do drugs. As an adult, it’s a powerful mantra for a different reason.

Too many of us, especially as women, have difficulty saying no.  In fact, we’re often guilty of saying yes when we mean no.  You say yes to doing one more thing at work, even though you know it is going to mean staying late. There are the times you say yes to your kids because it’s easier than saying no one more time. You say yes at that volunteer meeting to fill the gap of uncomfortable silence when *somebody* needs to take on a task.

Just for today, I’m inviting you to just say no.  Where can you say no today? I promise that there will be an opportunity, especially now that it is in your awareness.  Where have you been saying yes when you want to say no? Where have you been committing your energy that you don’t really want to anymore? How can you say no to something today?

Here’s the trick to being successful in this one.  Saying no doesn’t mean you have to be a bitch about it. Yeah, I said it.  That’s part of the fear right – nice girls say yes and bitches say no.  What if there is a different way?

How can you say no in a way that still feels good? And is authentic.

That thing you might feel like you need to say yes to at work?  Try this instead ‘No, I really can’t today. I’ve already got a full plate. If no one else can do it today, let’s talk about it tomorrow.’

The awkward silence at the volunteer meeting?  Just repeat in your head ‘No, this is not my job just because no one else has spoken up yet. I am not interested.’  I bet someone else will say yes!

Sometimes, a simple no is the right answer.  Sometimes, adding a little framework to it can make you feel better about saying no, and the other person feel better about hearing it.

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