Mirror work is an incredibly powerful tool for getting honest with yourself and seeing your true beauty. Louise Hay was one of the first to popularize mirror work with her teachings on affirmations.  She experienced the power of affirmations as being so much greater when you say them looking deeply into your own eyes.

Today’s video isn’t about affirmations though. Just for today, I’m inviting you to explore the stories you tell yourself that hold you back.  The stories that aren’t really true when you actually stop to think about them.  When you recognize the stories you tell yourself, you can choose to keep them.  You can also choose to rewrite your story and as you do, you begin to rewrite your life.  To live life more authentically.  More purposefully.

Watch the video for your step-by-step instructions.  If you need crib notes, here are the sentences to use:

The story I tell myself is…

But the truth is…

What stories do you tell yourself? What’s the real truth? Share your experience in my private Facebook group Living Life On Purpose.

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