Nurturing yourself to lead life more fully

self-careIt's no secret. I'm really passionate about self-care.  Finding ways to nurture yourself every day is critical to your health both physically and mentally.  And yet, finding the time for self-care is one of the biggest challenges I hear from women every single day.  You give your time to your work, to your partner, to your family, and to all of the other things that are meaningful for you.  And by the time it's all done, there's no time left for you.  Sound familiar?

The trouble is that every time you give up on that me-time, you're giving up on yourself a little bit, giving away your power and letting life lead you instead of you leading your life. Today is the day to claim back that part of yourself.  Carve time out of your day every day that is just for you simply being you and caring for you in the way you deserve.


What do you love to do to nurture yourself? How do you make time for yourself each day? To make self-care a priority? Leave a comment below to share and inspire others in our community.

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