What Excuses Hold You Back?

no more excusesExcuses are powerful stuff.  They are the reasons why you 'can't'.  With a few magic words carefully woven together, you remove any sense of duty or responsibility you might feel.  Trouble is, it's usually much easier to make excuses to yourself than it is to others. And when you make excuses to put off what you know you need to be doing for yourself, you're holding yourself back from living life fully.

I've been hearing a lot of excuses lately.  They are genuine and heartfelt.  They are very real.  That is what makes them so hard to spot, and so much harder to do something about.

Today is an invitation to examine your own excuses.  To identify what you might be telling yourself that holds you back from living your best life.  And, to make the choice to start recognizing those excuses, and doing what it takes to move past them.  To stop your excuses from holding you back.


No More Excuses!

Do you know what your excuses are?  What are you willing to do about it? Are you ready to say 'no more excuses' and begin living life on purpose?

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