The surprising things that are holding you back

barriersDespite your best efforts, sometimes it feels like you are just stuck. You know you can be greater than you've been able to. Stronger. Brighter. More Joyful.  You can see that there is more to life. but no matter what, you just can't get there.  There's an elusive *something* inside of you that you feel like you can sense, but not grasp.

You wonder what's wrong with you. What's keeping you from 'getting there'.

The real question is 'what am I afraid of taking a stand for in my life?' and that's what we are talking about in this week's video.

Watch it now.


What has been holding you back? Tell us by leaving a comment below. Be sure to let us know how you need to be supported in moving past the barriers that are holding you back.

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Rachel is a coach supporting women to rediscover who they are beyond the *shoulds* of life. To create and live life on purpose.

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5 Responses

  1. Anna Caroline Türk
    | Reply

    Thank you for your openness! I am also going through a break up right now and can feel how much I am expanding through this process – to my own surprise.

    • birgitt
      | Reply

      the message you convey about examining the barriers that are holding you back is a message that I wish all women could receive as a next step in their self examination process. the way that you word the questions that you ask yourself is a great gift. thank you.

  2. Affy
    | Reply

    I would like to thank you for being honest about what is happening in your personal life. I suppose if you did not convey this honesty over a video we, I, wound’t feel the sincerity to be able to trust your videos.

  3. jmichaelvinson
    | Reply

    Thank you for your honesty. And thank you for describing the process of how you and Phil came to this decision.

  4. Doris
    | Reply

    Thanks for this video Rachel. This is very much in harmony with some of the things that I am struggling right now. Not in leaving a relationship, but in holding myself back in a number of little subtle ways that add up to big holding back. This is such an inspiration to face them and to find my way through them…

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