Is ‘Good Enough’ Really Good Enough?

good enoughWhat does 'good enough' really mean?  Let's start with a common definition.

When I was younger, 'good enough' meant that everything had to be absolutely perfect.  I'd spend hours agonizing over the smallest details, usually things that no one else would notice.  But I would.  And I held myself to a ridiculously high standard.

Over the years, I've mellowed out a lot.  Good enough for me means that I can stand proudly behind what I do and say.  It means I feel good about what I'm offering in the moment.  It means that I acknowledge that there will always be little details that I will miss, and that is OK.

Within the context of 'good enough' it can be easy to become complacent through.  To stop striving for your personal best, because good enough is, well, good enough.  Or is it?

I recently had a crazy situation show up in my life that reminded me to take the opportunity to examine the 'good enoughs' in my life and take action to make some of them even better.  Watch the video to find out what it was all about.


What areas of your life need a little attention?  To go from 'good enough' to totally awesome.  Join the conversation. Leave a comment below to let us know. And be sure to ask for any support you may need too.

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