Get Back on Track After Your Life Crisis

get back on trackLife throws each and every one of us curveballs.  More than we ever thought we’d meet in our lives.  Sometimes those curve balls are great and take you off in a magical direction you never thought possible. More often, you experience these curveballs as challenges – critical illness, death of a loved one, job loss, empty-nesting, and more. Once the first chaos has passed and you finish managing the crisis, it’s time to figure out how to get back on track with your life.

I remember once, when I was going through a particularly challenging time in my life, a friend asked me ‘what can I do to help you right now?’ And I knew they really meant it.  I could ask them for just about anything and they’d do their best to make it happen.

I resisted the urge to say ‘nothing,’ which is often my default answer. Instead, I sat for a moment and listened inside of myself.  What was the really truthful answer?  And then it hit me in the gut like a sucker-punch.  My eyes welled up with tears and I said:

“I’m not sure what to even ask you.  I don’t even know how to help myself get back on track in this moment.”

That moment was pretty profound.  It made me realize how stuck in my pity-party I’d been and how disconnected I was from everything I believed in about moving my life forward in the best possible ways. Until that moment, I’d thought I was making progress in my life, but could see so clearly that it had been artificial.

That moment also set me on track to reclaiming a life I love to live.  It’s moments like those, the life-changing moments, that make me love doing this work with other women around the world too.

Today I’m sharing with you how I got started in getting back on track. These are simple steps you can take for yourself too if you’re feeling lost in life and unsure how to get life moving in the right direction again.

Steps to Get Back on Track

First, let me say that these steps are not meant to be taken in a linear order.  Take them in the order that feels right for you.  When you are ready to get back on track in your life, the key to getting started is small and manageable pieces.  What can you take on today? What do you feel inspired to take on today?  Do that.

Write It Down

Write it all down.  All the messy dialogue going on in your head. All the hopes and dreams you had for life that don’t feel possible in this moment.  All the junk that is hurting your heart and clogging up your head.  Then burn that sh*t. Releasing it in this way will help you to let go of any negative thoughts and feelings you may still be holding.  Do it every day until you don’t feel the need to anymore.

Reconnect To Your Vision For Yourself

What do you actually want for yourself? Sometimes you are so busy focusing on what you don’t want anymore or what you are grieving the loss of, that you lose sight of what you really do want.  Write it down.  Draw pictures. Talk about it. Do what it takes to reconnect with your vision for yourself. And don’t be afraid to dream big.  Keep focused on what your vision for yourself is.  Imagine it every day. Ask yourself ‘what can I do today to move myself closer to this vision?’.  Then do that.

Take Care Of You

Seriously.  This one gets overlooked. A lot. Sleep as much as you need.  This might also mean taking naps. Eat healthy food. Get outside and go for a walk. Read a good book just for fun. Take a bath.  Get a massage.  Just take care of you.

Get Yourself Support

You cannot go it alone in life. Especially when you are coming out of a period of chaos.  Having someone who will be your cheerleader and hold you accountable to your commitments to yourself is going to boost your chances of success tremendously. This could be a close friend, family member, or someone else you trust to actually call you out when you aren’t living up to what you’ve committed to for yourself.  Ask them to support you by being an accountability partner.  Set goals with specific timelines and share the goals with them. Set up how you will best be held accountable, and begin to take those steps towards reclaiming a life you love living.

You might even consider hiring a coach to help you with this.  A coach offers you an unbiased perspective because they are not invested personally in your life.  What they care about is you figuring out how to bust through your barriers and achieve your vision. They offer you a safe space to unburden yourself without worrying about present or future judgement of your deepest, darkest places. Learn more if you think you may need this level of support.

Get Involved in the Conversation

What steps are you willing to take to help get back on track in your life today? Share with us in a comment below.

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