Why you don’t need to find your purpose (and what to do instead)

find your purposeI have had similar conversations with countless clients over the years. Clients who have come to me, in part, because they feel like somehow their life doesn’t measure up.  It doesn’t measure up because they haven’t found their life purpose yet. They feel that somehow it makes them a failure.

It starts an important conversation, and that’s a conversation I want to have with you today.

Because here’s the deal. I don’t believe it’s important to somehow find and fulfill ‘your life purpose.’  Shocking, right. There is such a consistent message from the personal development world about the need to find and live your purpose to lead a meaningful life.

But somehow that message of finding and living your life purpose creates this pressure inside of women. This pressure that somehow your purpose needs to be so big and grandiose that it will end up equalling the work, respect and fame of women like Princess Diana, Oprah, or Mother Teresa.

That’s where the challenge begins.  Somehow, finding and living your life purpose has become synonymous with goal-based achievement.  Purpose has become about what you’re going to do with your life and not simply why you are living it.

That idea of doing something great with your life has further eroded the confidence of so many women. It builds on the notion that somehow you aren’t doing enough, not measuring up enough.

It keeps the personal development field going because you have been conditioned to think that somehow you need to do more, be more, feel more, to be successful in life.

Today I’m saying ENOUGH!

It isn’t ‘the purpose’, it’s ‘a sense of purpose’.

Don’t Find Your Purpose. Live Life On Purpose

When you let go of the notion that you have to find your purpose, then what? I believe that what is really important is to live life on purpose.

When you live life on purpose, you take on the responsibility for your life. You recognize that you are making choices that create the life you live. A sign of living life on purpose is consciously making those choices and not unconsciously letting life happen to you.

You live your life from a place of authenticity and integrity. This means saying yes when you mean yes (and no when you mean no). It means doing what you say. You make choices for what you ‘want’ and not what you ‘should’.

Living life on purpose means choosing to spend your time in what brings you joy and moves your life forward. You let go of doing what you hate. With a bold vision in mind, you consciously set about making it happen.

This life is the one that brings that sense of meaning and fulfillment. Life on purpose creates more opportunities for pleasure and joy. When you let go of the idea that you need to find your purpose and begin to live life on purpose, it starts to feel good.

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