Don’t Leave Them Behind! Share Your Journey

share your journeyDo you ever find yourself yelling out in an argument thinking to yourself:

  • You just don't understand me anymore
  • I'm not like that anymore. Why do they keep treating me that way.
  • You should be able to see how much I've grown. I deserve to be treated better!

I am going to be the bearer of bad news today. It's probably entirely your fault that you're continuing to be treated like the old you, rather than being honored and uplifted as the person you are working so hard to become.

Shocking, isn't it.

You're working intentionally on yourself. Reading books, attending talks, watching movies, maybe even taking it to the next level and getting some coaching to super-charge your growth.  You're loving yourself more, feeling more grateful for the life you're living, and taking steps everyday that lead you to joy.

Trouble is, most of that work is generally very internal and the kind of thing you do on your own. Usually that means that we aren't consciously sharing all of our new learnings, awarenesses, and ah-ha moments with the world.  And that's where the trouble starts.

Good news is, I've got an easy tip this week for fixing it all...and fast. Check it out in this week's video.


It's important to share our growth, to share our wins, our accomplishments with the world. What's something you're super proud of that you'd like to celebrate with us? Leave a comment below.

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