Creating Intention for 2015

creating intentionAs I write this post, 2015 is less than 100 hours away.  Around the world, people are readying themselves for the New Year in countless different ways.

And the question gets asked, over and over again…

“What are your New Year’s Resolutions?”

Friends are often surprised when I respond with “I don’t set New Year’s Resolutions.”  After all, holding a vision and setting goals for myself to make it happen is one of the guiding principles of my life, and I don’t hide it.

So, how on earth can I not set New Year’s Resolutions?

It’s simple.  I don’t think they are very effective.  New Year’s Resolutions tend to:

  • focus only on what you’re going to stop doing or give up without planning for what new and good you are going to bring into your life
  • be too big, making it too easy to give up when you don’t accomplish them quickly and easily
  • be restrictive and limiting instead of fun and expansive

In short, they are no fun and usually too hard to follow through on.

So, what do I do instead?  I pick a word, just one, to be my guiding focus throughout the year. A word that helps me in creating intention for myself.

I spend the days leading up to the New Year reflecting on the year I’ve just lived.  The experiences I’ve lived through, the things I’ve learned about myself, my joys and sorrows.  I also reflect on what simply is in my life.  The truth of who I am and what I am experiencing.  And from that, I choose one guiding word to be my focus for the coming year.

I’ve learned to choose that word carefully, knowing that the Universe will give me both great gifts and great challenges to support me in truly mastering my experiences of that word.

Creating Intention for 2015

The year I picked JOY as my word, for example, I was blessed with so many truly joy-filled moments.  Gatherings of family, deepening friendships, great laughter, awe-inspiring beauty, and so much more that filled my heart with joy.  I was also blessed with many opportunities that challenged me to find joy even in the stressful, angry, disappointed, or sorrowful moments.

And so I know that whatever word I pick to guide me will bring me that contrast so that I can most fully experience what I am wanting.

My word for 2015, which I’m boldly and publicly declaring here, is LOVE.

Love in all of its splendid forms – love for other beings in this world, for my community, for friends, for family; affection, friendship, romance, and unconditional love; love that is open and vulnerable and helps me to grow into more of myself. Creating intention for more love in all its forms.

I’m ready.

What guiding word will you pick for 2015?

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  1. Grace Campbell
    | Reply

    My word for 2014 has been “Lift”. As in “lift up my head and be mindful of where I’m going”, “lift up to get out of the depression I was in”, “lift up one foot and then the other to get my health back”. I did the necessary things to accomplish these changes. What surprises me, is how much I was lifted up by others. Thanks to them, I made it through a very difficult year. My husband had a double bypass on January 4th, surgery for skin cancer and a hip replacement. Yes, all in 2014. I have certainly become aware of my own strength and determination, but more importantly, I have had my heart and eyes lifted by the love and support given to me by the good people around me. And my Lord has always been with me. Thanks, Grace

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