Are you proud of where you are in life?

proud of yourselfThat was the question I asked on Facebook the other day.  Are you proud of where you are in life?  I confess, I was surprised by the number of people who said no.  I was brokenhearted, witnessing people who weren't able to feel proud of who they are.

There's a lot of negative connotation around being proud. It's associated with having a big ego. It's one of the seven deadly sins.  Keeping up with the Jones' means comparing our accomplishments to those of everyone around us. I get why being proud might be hard.

Let's agree on a new definition of pride. Starting now.  Pride is a sense of joy or satisfaction for our choices, actions, and accomplishments.  And it's important to be able to be proud of yourself. That's what I'm talking about in this week's video. Watch it here.


What's one choice, action or accomplishment that you are proud of today? Share it with us!

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