Allow Your Emotions

allowing emotionsI've always been a highly emotional person.  Quick to laugh. Quick to cry. I can't tell you how many times different people, who were very well meaning, told me that I would need to learn how to toughen up, how to hide my emotions better, how to grow a thicker skin, if I was ever going to be liked and successful as I was growing up.

The truth is that while Donald Trump may not want tears in the boardroom, there does need to be a place for allowing the full spectrum of our emotions.  When we keep the negative emotions walled up inside us all the time, it can create both physical and emotional challenges.  Plus, your body isn't capable of turning off some emotions, but not all of them.  It becomes as difficult to laugh and have fun as it does to cry or be angry.

Watch today's video to find out how you can allow your emotions to be expressed fully and safely on a regular basis.


What do you do to be in touch with your emotional self? To allow your emotions fully? I'd love to hear some of your unique practices for being in touch with you.

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