Is it acceptable to me? A simple question to keep you on track.

acceptable to meOdds are, if you’ve been working on your personal development, you’ve experienced workshops or other programs where the facilitator has asked you to create a big, bold, audacious vision for your life.  I know I ask people to do it all the time.

Having a big, bold, audacious vision for your life is important.  When you can imagine the picture of what it looks like, feel the joy and freedom of it, practically watch it come to life like a chalk drawing with a little bit of Mary Poppins magic sprinkled on it, you can also start manifesting that reality for yourself.

But sometimes creating that big vision for yourself can create a problem.  When your vision is so big and so different from your current reality, attempting to imagine how to get from here to there can be absolutely paralyzing.

And if you’re paralyzed, it is impossible to get started in moving towards your vision. Especially if it feels like all of your life isn’t what you thought it would be. If you’re feeling stuck in your situation. If you’re feeling overwhelmed.

In this moment, there’s a question I love to use.  It’s a question that acts as a guideline for what needs to come next in your life.  A guideline that helps you figure out the first baby steps towards leading a life you love.

Is this acceptable to me?

This is a super powerful question to ask yourself. Especially when you are first getting started in leading your best life.  Ask it often throughout the day.  Is this acceptable to me?  Is what I am experiencing right now acceptable to me?

If the answer is yes, awesome.  That is going to lead you closer towards achieving your vision of the life you long for.  While it might not feel super-fantastic, it at least feels acceptable.  That, my friend, is a step in the right direction.

If the answer is no, that’s awesome too.  Just for a different reason.  If you ask yourself ‘is this acceptable to me?’ and the answer is no, it’s an opportunity to explore more deeply.  Try these questions:

  • What would feel acceptable to me in this situation?
  • What do I need to be responsible for to make it feel acceptable? Do I need to think, say, or do something differently?
  • What do I need others to do to make it feel acceptable?  What do I need to ask for in this situation?

When you’ve figured out what will feel acceptable to you, are you also courageous enough to take action? To do what you need to do or ask for what you need in order to shift that situation into one that feels acceptable?

As you spend time practicing what feels acceptable to you and then taking the actions needed to create it, you’ll find that more and more you notice immediately when something is no longer acceptable to you.  You’ll find that it gets easier to sense into what needs to happen to make the situation acceptable.  And best of all, you’ll find that more and more often you notice that what you are experiencing is acceptable to you.

And once you’ve created a life that is acceptable, you can also create a life that is simply amazing.

Can you see how asking ‘is this acceptable to me?’ can benefit your life? What might the benefit be? Share your story below.

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