It's possible to live a life you love. To live life on purpose.

Don't feel that way? You will.

Living your best life is about living YOUR best life. Not the life of what you *should* do, but the life that will answer that feeling of "there's got to be more to life than this!" A life that is full of rich experience, feeling passionate about what you're investing your time and energy into. Living your life on purpose.

5 years from now, will you say you chose the life you live? Or did you settle for it?

Ready to get started? Join me!

If you are like most women, you've spent a lot of your life doing what you *should* to build a happy and successful life. But when you got to the end of that list, instead of knowing you'll be happy to the end of your days, you find yourself thinking "is this all there is?"

Maybe the discomfort stirring inside of you is deeper than that. You've ignored that 'is this all there is?' question until your life is so unrecognizable from what you thought it would be. Most often, the women I work with have recently been through some kind of trauma that is making you look at your life through a whole new lens. No longer prepared to trade out making everyone else happy at the sacrifice of your own sense of self and sense of joy.

I work differently than what you’re used to. I'm not another life coach telling you that the key to happiness is to find your purpose, to find your true self. Because after years of trying to figure it out for myself, I realized that it's not about finding your purpose, it's about living life on purpose.

That means connecting with what brings you joy both in the present moment and as you work towards your future. It means crafting a plan for consciously choosing the life you want to live. A life filled with rich experience, passion for what you're doing every day, and the energy to make it happen. No one size fits all here, because that’s not the truth of what life is really like.

Ready to live life on purpose?

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