It's possible to live a life you love. To live life on purpose.

Don't feel that way? You will.

Living your best life is about living YOUR best life. Not the life of what you *should* do, but the life that will answer that feeling of "there's got to be more to life than this!" A life that is full of rich experience, feeling passionate about what you're investing your time and energy into. Living your life on purpose.

Life on purpose is about letting go of the story that is holding you back - the story of the challenges that life has thrown at you, the story you find yourself telling of what's wrong, even though you're ready to let go and start living a life of what's right.

5 years from now, will you say you chose the life you live?

Ready to get started? Join me!

If you are like most women, you've spent a lot of your life doing what you *should* to build a happy and successful life. But along the way, despite your best efforts, life threw you a curve ball (or two, or three).

Now you find yourself caught up in a life where the story of *before* seems to define you. What happened. How you ended up *here* in your life. Where you think about who you used to be and how you can possibly get back to that life again. But it's really a life where what you want most is to

But what you secretly want is a life where it's not the story of *before* that defines you, but who you are now and the vision of life that you are working towards. You just have no idea how to make it your reality.

That's where I can help.

I work differently than what you’re used to. I'm not another life coach telling you that the key to happiness is to find your purpose, to find your true self. Because after years of trying to figure it out for myself, I realized that it's not about finding your purpose, it's about living life on purpose.

That means connecting with what brings you joy both in the present moment and as you work towards your future. It means crafting a plan for consciously choosing the life you want to live. A life filled with rich experience, passion for what you're doing every day, and the energy to make it happen. No one size fits all here because that’s not the truth of what life is really like.

Ready to live life on purpose?

The foundation for living life on purpose is to love yourself more deeply so that you can begin to reconnect with what has heart and meaning for you. Everyday Self-Love is a 7-day program designed to give you practical tools for reconnecting with and expanding your self-love.

We’re diving deep into personal boundaries and how having the right boundaries can help you to create a life you love. It's all about creating space for what you are available for (and what you're not). Watch the free monthly web class now or at a convenient time in the coming days.

Working together is all about letting go of your old story and reconnecting with what life on purpose looks like. Together we create a simple, practical and effective plan for making your vision a reality, developing an action plan to get you there, and support to make it happen.  Ready?